Think Queerly

Think Queerly is a podcast about human-heartedness to cultivate acceptance, connection, and joy in humanity.

As a coach, I help human-hearted creatives like you experience more freedom, impact, and joy in life. My intention is to help you create more of what you want to experience out of life through the self-mastery of your mind and emotions.

The practices and thought-exercises that I share are an intersection of self-examination, the neuroscience of transformational coaching — as well as my study and contemplation of the Tao Te Ching which supports the foundation for my evolving Human-Heartedness Philosophy.

When we — individually and collectively — love and accept ourselves for who we are, we increase mutual understanding and respect for the dignity of others, thus creating joy and wonder in the diversity of humanity. It is from this place of human-heartedness that you can be the meaningful and purposeful change you want to see in the world.